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Age: 23

From: Little Falls, MN

Works at: SPM & Owner of Supreme Lure Co.

Fishing since: 2006

Favorite bait: Supreme Slugg

PB bass: 5.94lbs

Favorite food: Pizza

Pro-tip: Fishing a Slugg can be tricky but once you get it, they get the biggest bites.

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Age: 26

From: Big Lake, MN

Works at: Owner of SPM

Fishing since: 24 years, my father brought me as a kid

Team/Club: Annadale Bassmasters

Favorite bait: Supreme Slugg in heavy slop

PB fish: Largemouth 10.36. Smallmouth 6.25

Awards: 2nd in Harris Chain Big Bass Tour

Favorite food: Pizza

Pro-tip: Try the Slugg on a weighted hook on weedlines

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Age: 50

From: Brainerd, MN

Works at: NTC Bemidji. Machinist

Fishing since: Been fishing my whole life, tournament Bass fishing since 2001. My Dad got me into it!

Team/Club: Currently B.A.S.S. Opens Pro. Part time Baxter Bass Snatcher

Favorite bait: Top water... Frog!

PB fish: 9 1/2 lb. Largemouth. 51" musky. 16 1/2 lb Northern pike. 31" Walleye.

Awards: Several A.O.Y.'s in club derbys. Several A.O.Y.'s in money tourneys in Mn. Won Harris Chain B.A.S.S. Open 2021. Fished 2022 Bassmaster Classic. Finished 14th (tied points 13th-14th) in 2023 Elite Qualifiers for the Bassmaster Opens. Come in second to my daughter often when she goes fishing with me!

Favorites: Anything I can grill or smoke! Ribs, brisket, pulled pork, shrimp! Favorite movies, Young Guns 1&2. I used to teach High Performance automotive machining. Cylinder head porting has always intrigued me!

Pro-tip: My best tip.. Put in the work! Don't be so quick to pounce on the "easy button". You'll be way farther ahead in the long run!

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Age: 37

From: Osaka, Japan

Works at: Hairdresser/Manager

Fishing since: 25 years of fishing experience. Since I was little, I loved fish and insects.

Team/Club: JB Japan Bass Pro Association

Favorite way to fish: Light rig & sight fishing

Awards: I have become a representative player for many regions. Now I also work as a tournament staff member.

Favorites: I prefer hip hop music. I also like fashion. I'm also getting into camping now.

Pro-tip: Let's make friends with members from all over the world through bass fishing.

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Age: 17

From: Oak Grove, MN

School: St. Francis High School

Fishing since: I have been fishing since the day I could hold a fishing rod. My Dad got me into the sport by taking me fishing in our backyard pond for crappie and bluegill. We would walk down to the pond with a bobber and some worms. I’ve loved the sport since.

Team/Club: Anoka Ramsey Jr. Bassers

Favorite bait: I love throwing a jig for big largemouth in the weeds.

PB fish: Largemouth: 5.04 Smallmouth 5.00

Awards: Back in 2021 me and my tournament partner Ryan Herbst placed 6th in the Minnesota B.A.S.S. High School State Championship on Gull Lake. 6th place was enough to hold us a spot to fish in the High School National Championship on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. Fishing in such a big event has to be one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Favorites: My favorite food has to be Pizza. I have many other hobbies such as tying hair jigs, hunting, playing drums, and stealing slaw from Cal’s boat.

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Age: 29

From: Cologne, MN

Works at: Executive Advisor at Waypoint Angler Supply

Fishing since: Tournament fishing for about to be my 13 season. I’ve been woefully addicted to the sport since I was about 6 and was fortunate to start tournament fishing at 16. Been all bass fishing since.

Team/Club: MN BASS Nation events

Favorite bait: Flipping and frogging

PB fish: 6.0lbs largemouth & 5.2lbs smallmouth

Awards: 2018 MN Bass Nation TOC Co-Angler Runner Up, 2019 Bass Nation Regional qualifier. 2023 MN Base Nation TOC Co-Angler 3rd place. 2024 BASS Nation National championship qualifier.

Favorites: I love fried freshly caught fish, the BMP Fishing YouTube series, shooting photographs and listening to vinyls when I’m not getting the opportunity to catch some bass.

Pro-tip: Take every opportunity you can to learn from those you fish with. Everyone has their strengths as anglers but the biggest strength you can have is adaptability. Fun fish by practicing your weaknesses, tournament fish by utilizing your strengths.

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Age: 24

From: Stacy, MN

Works at: Muffler Doctor Auto Clinic

Fishing since: I've been fishing since I was 7 years old. My dad and uncles took me bass fishing with them on our family vacation to Detroit Lakes and I've been hooked ever since.

Team/Club: Team Supreme

Favorite bait: Swimjig

PB fish: 5.00lb Largemouth, 5.73lb Smallmouth 54.5" Muskie, 58" Sturgeon, 30" Brown Trout, 31"Steelhead, 28.75" Walleye, 43" Pike, 43" Redfish, 30" Gag Grouper

Awards: Weird flex but I was the 2019 Skills USA MN Power Equipment Technology Competition Champion

Favorites: Song: In Between by Beartooth
Fav Food: Bacon Cheeseburger

Pro-tip: Don't grab the line.

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N Tait

Age: 29

From: Lino Lakes, MN

Works at: Fork Lift Certified

Fishing since: Longer than I can remember dude

Team/Club: Greenhorn bass tour

Favorite bait: Lil Slugg jig worm

PB fish: 6.2lbs

Awards: 3rd place Greenhorn

Fun Fact: N Tait isn’t a joint Facebook

Pro-tip: Just fish dude

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Age: 25

From: From “the thumb” of Michigan, currently reside in Big Lake Mn

Works at: Industrial engineer/ rod builder at Cabbage Creek Customs

Fishing since: I started fishing about 2 1/2 years ago when I met my partner Taylor, I’ve been hooked ever since!

Favorite bait: Slaw on a jig

PB fish: Large mouth 5.37 (on a Charlean slaw) Steelhead 32”

Awards: No great fishing accomplishments, other than becoming a respected rod builder, I take a lot of pride in my work, and the loyalty of my customers means a lot to me.

Fun Fact: Fun fact is that Cabbage Creek Customs got its name because my favorite childhood food is stuffed cabbage!

Pro-tip: You have to have a lot of patience, and not feel down on yourself when others are catching in you’re not, pay attention to what others around you are doing and adjust as needed

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Age: 24

From: Grew up in MN my whole life and currently living in Brooklyn Park

Works at: I’m a CNC Machinist & work part-time at Waypoint Angler Supply

Fishing since: I started fishing around the age of 4 years old, I fished for all types of fish. I got into this sport when I was about 13 years old. I fished small tournaments with my dad and winning a couple of them gave me the confidence to fish bigger tournaments.

Team/Club: Greenhorn / Hmong Tournaments / Danny’s / Bass Nation

Favorite bait: One of my favorite techniques to fish is flipping a big jig in deep mayfoil and skipping it under docks. I also love to drop shot a senko every where I go. It has won me more money than anything.

PB fish: Large mouth bass - 6.14LB / Small mouth bass - 6.04LB

Awards: I’m proud to say I’ve won many AOY(Angler of the year) awards. I always try to be consistent in every tournament. I pre fish a lot when it comes to tournaments, I try to be out there as much as I can and be versatile.

Fun Fact: All time favorite foods are pho and chicken wings.

Pro-tip: One of my tip / secret is taking notes! I’ve been doing this for 14 years and sometimes the notes repeats itself once in a while, it helped me out a lot when I didn’t have time to pre fish. You can go back to the notes and try to see if the old pattern still works. When I’m taking notes-It’s about the weather, temperature, and wind. I ask myself questions like, “Why are the fish staying at a certain location?” and then I would write down the time when they were biting and when they stopped. I think the most important thing about taking notes is writing down the Waypiont number just in case you forget which one.

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Age: 22

from: Buckman, MN

Works at: SPM & Supreme Lure Co

Fishing since: I was a kid with my dad, but didn't take it seriously until I was offered a job here at Supreme.

Favorite bait: Frog

PB bass: 4.95lbs

Favorite sport: Hockey

Pro-tip: When using a frog, you have to be the frog. Jump from pad to pad like a real frog would.

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